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A Bloody Good Record Recording Studio

1 2.66 Ghz 12 Core Mac Pro,32GB Ram 1-27" Mac Monitor
1 Ghz G4 with 1GB Ram
WiFi throughout for surfing

Pro Tools 2018.7, HDX                             Waves API, SSL and Maserati                   Soundtoys, HOFA bundle, Fab Filters       ReVoice Pro 2  Reason-Pianos-Abby Road Keys           Plug-in's Plug-in's Plug-in's

Burl Mothership 24 in 32out
2 Dangerous 2 Buss
Command 8

PRE-AMPLIFICATION                        Great River MP2NV                                  2 Neve Portico Channel Strip                    2 Daking Mic-Pre/EQ                                3 API 3124 (drummers dozen)                  1 UA 2-610 dual mic pre

10 ADM 4 band Balanced
Great River 2EQNV
2 Daking 4 band
2 Neve Protico

SSL G FX 384                                         1 Teletronix UA LA2A
2 Daking FET 11
2 Purple MC77
API 2500
2 Distressors
Chandler Germanium Compressor
2 Neve Portico

Avocet Discrete
Class A Studio Controller
Tannoy sub woofer
Yamaha NSP5
Furman HDS 6+5 stations

Radial X-Amp
Radial Pro DI
Sans Amp Bass Driver
Sans Amp Guitar

1 Pod XT Pro
1 Bass Pod Pro

Furman IT20
Lots of shaky stuff

Neumann M147                               1 Matched Pair Coles 4038           1 SM7b
2 Neumann TLM 103
Royer 121                                       1 Beyerdynamic M160
3 AKG C414
Sennheiser 441
2 AKG C451
1 Baby Blue
1 Shure KSM 32
1 RE20
1 AKG D 112
1 Audix D 6
3 Sennheiser MD 421
3 Shure SM 57

1 Egnator                                         1 Fender Acoustasonic 30
1 Fender 100 Bassman                   1 Mesa Boogie Single Rectefier
1 Mesa Boogie 50 Cal
1 Fender Blues Jr Pro
1 Marshall Bass Amp                       1 Fender Cyber Delux
1 Rickenbacker 4001
1 Fender Tele
1 Fender Jazz Bass
1 Fender P-Bass
1 DeArmond Guitar                          1 Yamaha Upright Piano
1 Studio Logic 88 Key
Fully Weighted Controller
Yamaha 1970's Birch Drum Set    1 Line 6 Spider 111


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